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How true is the following statement? “The Canucks aren’t in a position to be moving even more picks and prospects?”

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Patel Bure

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3 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Horvat is 215 pounds.  Last I checked that would classify him as a power forward.  He can even drop the mitts.  Doesn't do it very often but when he does he rarely loses a fight.  He plays centre so he doesn't have the opportunity to bang and crash in the corners like a typical power forward but he does have the physique for it and can play that role if needed.

lol he can play that role but that is not his role he didn't come into the league billed as a powerforward nor should he, he definitely doesn't play like one. otherwise all 210pound + forwards are powerforward?

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What is the point of going through the whole process of running a team: To win the cup. That's truly all that is important. Getting there. Appeasing aging lifelong fans such as myself just that one time. Past that is gravy, but dynasties are hard to come by in the cap era.


I agree a high quality RHD is our missing piece, and I wouldn't have a problem with sacrificing more of the future. With that in place, I think we begin our run to the top; I believe the team is basically completed.


Cap is the real issue here. Hard to get the quality of player we need and fit him under it. Who would move out to make room? Hamonic's "personal issues" aren't helping solidify anything - that much is certain.

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