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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Detroit Red Wings | Oct. 16th, 2021 | SNP, 4:00PM PT

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what a thrilling start to the year. we faced adversity in both games but we managed to fight back and get something out of it. probably won't be able to catch this one tonight since it's my brother's birthday. hope y'all have fun and here's hoping we get another W! 3-2 Canucks win. GCG!

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1 minute ago, -DLC- said:

Despite the complainers, getting wins and points does a whole lot to gel a team.  These are important points out of the gate, as we all know.


In not having Petey and Quinn through camp, obviously there's some tinkering to be done to find the best fit for everyone.  Sometimes natural chemistry is there that you can tap in to.  I'm excited that we have so many exciting players TO strategize with.


I am so impressed with Hoglander...he's been a real stand out to me.  I love Garland's energy....never say die.  He's got that Burr like quality of just giving it his all and that'll matter in games we're losing a whole lot.  That's when that energy really can count.


Glad Petey and Quinn are showing their confidence.


Miller's our leading point getter so far (4 points in two games).  His "attitude" is simply him wearing his heart on his sleeve.  Sure, he gives up on some plays if they go sideways on him, but he doesn't give up on the game.  That's important.


Demko's showing why we made the right decision with him.


OEL's so impressive to me...totally on board.

It's really fun to be a Canucks fan right now....not sure why we have so many naysayers (already).

I think this road trip is as important as the points. Teams gel on and off the ice. Last season was a disaster for team morale as all the normal bonding gained by trips were mostly lost due to Covid. Hughes enjoys a birthday on the road with many of his team mates. Sounds simplistic but it means a lot. 

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