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[Signing] Toronto to play $0 backup


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6 minutes ago, lmm said:

Maple Leafs sign college goalie as backup against Senators (nhl.com)

some how this reeks of cap circumvention

TO playing a $0 goalie rather than playing a signed player because of cap problems

I wonder how/why the league and the nhlpa allow this

Does the regular backup not get paid for this game?  That would stink for him.  

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4 minutes ago, lmm said:

I really wonder how the NHLPA allows them to play a player not in their union 

doesn't the guy on the Marlies deserve a chance and the cash?


They don’t have the cap space to bring him up.  So unless you want to reward Toronto for their poor cap management, it's not an option.


They 1st have to play a game short-handed.  They can then bring Hutchinson up.  Last season Vegas had to play several games short-handed for lack of cap space.  Same here.  


Teams need a back up goalie on the bench.  A few years ago Vancouver ran short of a backup goalie and they too signed an ATO for the night.



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5 minutes ago, mll said:

Vancouver was allowed to dress an ATO.  

they say in the article that they would need to send a player down, (exposing to waivers) in order to bring up the Marlie guy.

They have options, they are choosing to play an amateur player for financial reason

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It’s legal in the cap, albeit the bit that gets me the most when looking into it, is that the injury to their backup happened 2 days ago so its using a procedure designed to get someone in to cover the role when there isn’t enough time to get a call up.


2 days ago they should have had to stick someone through waivers to clear the space to make the call up. 

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Just now, King Heffy said:

There's a difference between needing one in an emergency due to not being able to call someone up in time and needing one because your GM is an absolute moron.

Vancouver could well end up in a similar situation.  They too are in LTIR and have no recall cap space right now.  

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