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Your opinion of Corey Hirsch's colour commentary work?

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1 hour ago, StanleyCupOneDay said:

Horrible, but also expected. The guy’s never done this before and is used to the off air back and forth talking about any and every subject between interviews. He’s just doing that live now since he’s only ever done the interview style of commentary before. It seems like a really good guy put in a tough, almost impossible position to have such a huge role in something he’s probably never even practiced before.


This is Corey's fourth year of doing colour commentary.  He's been doing it on radio since the 2018-19 season. 


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10 minutes ago, We Are All Cucks said:

To be fair to Hirsch, Cheech is off-topic, has weird stories, and sometimes doesn't gel with Shorty. We tolerate (and even enjoy) this because we are familiar with him, it's funny in an old-man-who-likes-pizza kind of way, and he's a living classic.


As some have mentioned, Hirsch does similar things. Thing is, he hasn't had the chance to create chemistry with Shorthouse, and is still picking up the art. Positive is that Hirsch has a lot of the positive characteristics Garrett does. I say if he continues, by the end of the season he's gonna grow on a bunch of people, and he'll have a bunch of homers on his side.

I've never heard Hirsch laugh on air in the three years that I've listened to the radio broadcasts.  


Trust me, I went in wanting to like Hirsch because he was our former goalie and because of his mental health struggles.  Brendan Bachelor does a fine job and Hirsch is just painful to listen to.  That's all I'll say from my perspective of probably about 10 games on radio per season, so about 30 games total, plus all his post-game shows.  

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I don't mind him. He's in radio mode where 'silence is deadly' rather than TV where 'words can be death'. See; Mcgoof, Pierre, 'Can you believe what we just saw?' "I can, it all starts...".


If he adjusts to that TV environment, he's fine. The colour is suppose to 'support' the PBP guy - IE give him a 'break' from talking by filling the space with interesting things happening in the game.


Right now Hirschy is broadcasting like a fan, rather than a broadcaster. Which is perfect for 'radio', but less so for TV. Cheech has done it for years, which is why it flows, particularly when he and shorty disagree on stuff haha.


If I had one 'pro tip' for Hirschy as somebody who also uses a mic a lot (and his producer *really* should have picked it up and corrected it) - he needs to adjust the mic positioning. He pops way, way too much in speech. It's a straight up technical problem that influences the quality of the broadcast.


The content is a little too casual, but he's not bad. Shorty carries him a bit at this point, but I'm hopeful he'll get there - he's a good guy and definitely has it, but the chemistry isn't quiiiite there yet.

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Have to admit that I mostly had the audio turned off for tonight's game as I was looking at other stuff on the computer. I suspect that Hirsch (if given the time), will grow into the role, just John Garrett did, and Tom Larscheid before him... or even Howie Meeker, or Don Cherry, or ...


I've also spent a lot of time this year watching baseball, and it renewed my appreciation a good conversation between the play-by-play guy, the color commentator, and possibly a guest (or two) could go on over a number of innings... Granted, baseball lends itself to long conversations.


PbP - Okay, Smith is starting the inning for the visitors.

CC - yeah, he came up through the South West League where he led that league in walks.

PbP - Swing and a miss...

CC - I actually know his dad. We played on the same team in double - A ball some 30 years ago...

PbP - Ball, low to the outside... Yeah, his dad is a funny guy.

CC - Absolutely! There was this one game....


*Two innings later*


CC - And that's how the goat ended up in the umpires' locker room.

PbP - (laughing) Foul into the stands...


                                           regards,  G.

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Hirch is a radio guy not a TV guy.  Its 2 different roles, one you need to explain more whats going on (radio) and one you sometimes just need less (TV).  He was asked to do a task that he's not usually doing, I don't blame him for being off for the TV side.  

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My dislike for Corey started during a game last year or the year before when the Canucks were on the wrong side of a penalty call (now where have I heard that refrain before?) and he said the Canucks weren't a good enough team to get the calls going their way. Then he doubled down on his idiotic comment. Silly me for thinking the rules should be applied fairly and without bias. I guess that's why he's doing colour commentary and I'm just a sad sack complaining on an obscure website with maybe 20 members at 12:30 in the morning. 

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