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Plans for $400-billion new city in the American desert unveiled


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21 minutes ago, butters said:

If you managed that you have 4 billion, and 396 billion to go

200,000 people then.   There's enough people in bc with that kind of money. Canadas almost as rich as Saudis and has more billionaires, majority of their families live in vancouver

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1 hour ago, stawns said:

considering Phoenix, Vegas etc are in the gradual process of becoming ghost towns, this seems logical for the US

You couldn’t pay me enough to live in Vegas nowadays.

Although few decades ago I considered going to UNLV, their hotel school is top notch.


Due to my Italian connections, love for gambling and gentlemen’s clubs, I am glad I didn’t go.

By now I would be in a hole somewhere in the desert.

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Sounds a similar concept to the Line. 

would be interesting to see. The last new towns built in the UK were Milton Keynes, Telford etc not whole cities.


If this does get built I expect the tech to be less than promised but if the urban planners and designers build it with good walkability and services that are not white elephants it could be good. 

Cities need to marry up medium and high density living with walkability and green spaces without making it car reliant.


the super block system in Barcelona does a good job of this. If a new city can create a sense of local communities that are local and not just filled with cookie cutter shops, and have neighbourhoods services with the basic amenities locally it will be good, however if this is a private venture I doubt that will happen, as in order to get the money they will have to cost up to big business and make compromises to suit them and it will end up a car dependant commercial 


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On 10/18/2021 at 4:29 AM, CBH1926 said:

Imagine having your job, school etc. all within 15 minute distance.

At the moment where I live the school is under 15 mins walk, the shops are the same. My previous job was 15 mins drive away. It was good.


but like all things I changed where I work  and it’s now halfway across the conurbation. In principle having work 15 mins away is great but people change jobs, I would much rather them focus on accessibility and move ability that within 15 mins from your house. Doing it this way while creates businesses in neighbourhoods, it also means if you don’t work in your local one it can be a pain to get to. Creating hubs where the work is and making the transport networks connect to them would be better. 

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