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A hockey Trade (Proposals)

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Ok, these proposals started with me reading the 2 hockey proposals with us trying to obtain a RHD for Miller.  So, the one that started me thinking of my proposal was the Myers for Miller trade with Nashville.


Now, first off, I am looking at these proposals as a starting point, and maybe we as a collective, can manipulate the trades to make complete sense for both teams. Now, my trading chip for the Canucks is Brock Boeser, who is certainly missed while out with injury, but if the trade is equal, then It Is my opinion that it should be considered.


Trade #1


Brock Boeser and Jet Woo (Cap Out = $6,635,000)


Philip Myers and Luke Kunin ( Cap Out = $4,850,000)


In this trade, Boeser is absolutely the best player in the trade, but collectively, I think this trade really helps the Canucks fill in the voids in the roster, as well as transferring some of Boeser's expected salary increase, around a little. Boeser's age is starting to climb.....(25 in Feb) so, the gap between keeping Miller (28) is not quite as huge. I guess the question is, who contributes more? Boeser or Miller. I also am starting to see Boeser's injuries build up. This trade is more a long lasting trade.


Trade #2


Brock Boeser  and Tyler Motte (Cap Out = $7,100,000)


Damon Severson and Miles Wood     (Cap Out = $6,916,666) 


In the NJ trade, Severson is playing 3rd pairing, with both Hamilton and Subban playing in the first 2 slots. The difference in age between Severson and Boeser is 2 1/2 years,  but in terms of hockey, only 2 seasons difference because of when the birthdays occur. I do think Boeser has greater value, but I think Miles Wood is better than Tyler Motte, as he plays a heavier game, and can play further up the line up. This is more a now trade.


Anyways, I have tried to make these fair trades, and ones that are more hockey trades. Flame away.............



Hey, I am stuck in Prince Rupert with a broken car, what else is there to do? (Hey, Rupert!)



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8 minutes ago, J.I.A.H.N said:




Hey, I am stuck in Prince Rupert with a broken car



Man, that is a $&!#TY day, LOL.  


Hope things got resolved on your end.


For me personally, I decline.  I don't like the idea of moving Boeser at all.  


My hope is that the Canucks can find a way to keep all of Miller, Horvat, Boeser over these coming years.  Sign JT Miller to a short term deal and make it work.


Tyler Myers is the guy that I'd move in order to clear cap space.  While I love the way Myers is playing this season, I think he's the guy you move in order to clear space at some point.   

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Your right that salaries are going to be an issue once again.

Something has to give. I don't  think the Canucks can keep Horvat and both of Boeser and Miller.

I feel like Miller will be the one to go.

He has great trade value but he will command a large new contract. 

Boeser has a higher upside long term IMO.


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Don't see Benning interested in trading Boeser just yet.  The team is trying to gel and do something this season.  


Philippe Myers has been pretty bad in Philadelphia and it's really unclear if he can turn his game around. 


Severson was NJD's most used D last season - that's not 3rd pairing.  Subban is the one playing on the 3rd pairing with every D healthy.  Subban is paired with Siegenthaler while Severson is likely to stay paired with Smith (both have been injured so far).  They were NJD's top pairing last season.  Adding Hamilton probably drops them to the 2nd pairing but certainly not the 3rd.


Similar to Vancouver, NJD is looking to compete and make the playoffs so I don't think they are looking to shake up their roster just yet.  It would create a significant hole on D + Woods provides secondary scoring. 



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If JB decides he needs a RHD in the system that badly, and he doesn't see Miller in the plans beyond his current contract, I would move him now while his value is reasonably high.  One team I'd look at is Vegas.  Would hurt to send Miller to a rival, but in the long-term we'd have more cap flexibility and the coveted young RHD with a lot of upside on an ELC. This would essentially be a neutral cap-move for both teams (but Miller is signed for one additional year while Reilly is UFA after this season which actually helps us when looking at resigning BB).  Miller is a huge upgrade imo over Reilly for Vegas and makes them even more formidable for a long cup run - perhaps they'd be enticed to give up their young RHD playing in Guelph?   I'd look at something like:


Miller + 4th (2022 - Vegas doesn't have this pick currently)


Reilly + Chayka





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I'd sooner trade Miller and slot Boeser back in tbh. Boeser's got more of his prime left, and we know he wants to be here. Boeser's two way game has improved, and he's one of our most skilled and dangerous guys, I don't want to move him. 


At the worst, we could probably get a 1st back for Miller and use it to acquire a D. Miller isn't displacing Horvat, and I'm comfortable with our top six that I think we could get by without Miller in the years to come. Boeser turns 25 in February, Miller turns 29 in March, I can make an educated guess regarding which player benefits our window more. 

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