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[proposal] Fire Green; Hire Claude Julien

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[proposal] Fire Green; Hire Claude Julien


Julien is a proven winner and knows how to utilize skilled players.  


While I'm thankful for Travis Green's service over these past few years, there are just too many decisions of his that I simply don't understand.  


Against this latest outing against the Sabres for instance, can someone please explain to me as to why Podkolzin had such limited ice-time?   


The Canucks have a pretty decent team on paper, and I think we now need a world class coach to put us over the top.  

Ps - 


Based on this link of upcoming NHL coaches, I’d be willing to have a look at Lane Lambert.

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1 hour ago, AV. said:

Tough to say.  Many traditional "hockey-men" are past it.

Might have to look to the Major Junior route and scoop a name.

I thought we were done with rookie coaches.


We already tried the Willie Desjardins route and have a newbie, "non-traditional hockey man" in TG currently which most fans seem not to be keen on at the moment. Or do they not count because they were AHL coaches instead of Junior (in Willie's case, he was both).


It's a matter of getting the right guy for the job, traditional hockey man or not.

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We should have taken Gerard Gallant when he was available.  

Going after a “modern era” AHL coach who is working his way up the ranks might be a decent idea, but that’s what Greener is/was supposed to be.  

I’d rather see the Canucks go after a proven winner this time around.  

Mike Babcock actually does come to mind, in terms of buying low, but would he be able to change his old sadistic ways?  I’m not so sure.


I know people in this thread have stated that Julien’s methods are too old school and don’t fit the current mold, but how do we know that?  He seemed to still have a fair enough of success in both Boston and Montreal through the late 2010’s.  

Kirk Muller?

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6 minutes ago, brownky said:

Literally everything.

Why?  We can dislike him all we want since he coached against us in 2011, but the truth of the matter is that he out-coached Vigneault in a big way.  Julien pretty much wrote the blue print on how to defeat the Canucks after Game 2 that series (ie box out the Canucks, collapse around the net, bank on the fact that the Canucks wouldn’t drive the net).  LA and San Jose pretty much played us the exact same way in 2012 and 2013 thanks to Julien (although granted, the main reason why we lost to Boston in 2011 was due to injuries).

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Green should be fired, but it should have happened last season when decent coaches were available.


Julien is too old... and has lost it.  Not a good idea to hire him.


Need a coach who is still young enough to adapt.


Edmonton made the perfect choice in signing Tippet... he really turned around that team.

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No to Julien.  Shaw most likely takes over in the next month or so when Aquilini has had enough.  It's gonna cost him money but at least we have a ready made replacement who's already on the payroll.


For the future, I can see a guy like Dale Hunter.  Babcock has had his day and will cost too much anyways.  Gallant or Quenneville would have been perfect.  Their teams are both playoff bound and playing good hockey.  Not sure what dirty laundry Green had on Aquilini to get his contract extended.  Maybe Aqua just didn't wanna spend the money during a pandemic for a better coach.  But then we spent to the cap for all of these new players and are paying Petey and Huggy record setting contracts for the organization, so I think it was short sighted to try and save a few pennies on the coach.

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