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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Seattle Kraken | Oct. 23, 2021

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Just now, Down by the River said:

Petey has been atrocious, but it has to largely be related to timing and confidence. I'm not sure sitting him helps with either of those. He's been really bad, but sitting him won't help. 

Stop. He’s not a delicate flower. Start playing or get lost.

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what a game. it wasn't the greatest of performances overall but a win is a win. Garland was fantastic. he was looking to do some damage all night long and man he scored a big time goal when we needed it most. Bo scored a couple of big goals. Huggy Bear, Miller got a point each as well. Demko was clutch and came up big. Big W and hope the boys keep it going as we finally head home to start our much waited, anticipated home stand. let's keep it up, boys! GCG!

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Demko and the Midget thieved that one for us for sure.   
Not a great game, but won by a couple real gamers.   

What the hell is going on with Pettersson?


Hughes with a big game. 
Hogz makes at least one solid move every shift.  
Good game by Bo.  

Put Podz back in!

Take Chiasson out.   He stinks. 

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