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Tyler Myers chant at the home opener

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7 hours ago, iceman64 said:

That says extend JB for signing him.. I'm sure that would piss off the haters to no end.

No doubt.   All Myers has done - is exactly what he was doing his entire career ... maybe plus some because he actually wants to be here and be a Canuck.   I'm very grateful to all the fans that have finally come around to this guy.   No player is perfect, not even Linden - there were games i screamed at the TV for him losing his check that resulted in a goal too.    That it took Myers smashing and bloodying Duncan Keith to get some fans to finally wake up is a little unfortunate, but glad it did.   There was a time on the CDC when a lot of fans picked on and didn't want Kevin Bieksa as well.     Even with Hamonic, IF Myers gets injured this year ... we are in serious trouble.    JB improved the team, at a very fair if not team friendly really cap hit for a UFA ... at our weakest position.   Yet some complained and complained and complained the first two years over his cap hit!   Ridiculous.   For me, it is now and won't change, what this team will look like without Tyler Myers when his contract is over.   Have a lot of doubts anyone will come up and steal his first RHD pairing spot without a big trade.   Which we should also consider as something management will do.  And doubt Miller is enough to do that.   

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7 hours ago, Me_ said:

Petey’s gonna figure it out.


He’s 22 years old.



I actually believe Petey will figure it out, but I get chills (the wrong kind) when I read things like "He's 22 years old".  How many times did we hear "He's only xx years old" about the likes of Jake Virtanen and Olli Juolevi. 

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