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[PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 26, 2021

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I'm beginning to think this team is constructed with the wrong players.    There is not one single dependable offensive line and our defence is suspect at best.



Something is seriously wrong with this team!  What can be done to correct this disfunctional team?

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Ownership has no foresight. They just go with the flow.


You'd think they think twice before hiring yet another rookie coach after the Willie D disaster, but there they went again.

Sure I prefer Green over Willie but part of having a rookie coach is to see them develop too, not only the players on the team.


It's been what, 4 years now (?) and there is still so many rookie mistakes this team makes in both zones. All the defensive zone misakes, the too many men calls and overall lack of fight when caught in adversity shows the weaknesses of the coaching staff as reflected onto the players. 


We need more actual hockey men in the upper ranks to help make decisions.

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Just not seeing any sort of plan starting with a breakout , there’s no support and no one wants to take the puck, then if the Canucks ever make it to the Minnesota end of the rink our Star players miss the net and it rings around the boards propelling the Wild the other way. 

Demko played one hell of a game.

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