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What is more frustrating? [Poll Question]

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Petey or Green/Podz  

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I hope Petey either gets Garland or Miller as his linemate, he needs a playmaker to help him bump the slump.  Hoglander has been cold offensively and Bailey/ Highmore won't get him the help he needs.  Since Boeser's cold too, they should put Garland on Petey's LW and have him hopefully set him up for a goal or some points.

Podkolzin just needs more chances, we've seen what he can do offensively.

Pearson - Horvat - Hoglander (they were a good two-way, north-south style unit, and hopefully they get Hoglander going)
Garland - Petey - Podkolzin (this team honestly needs scoring, and putting our top scorer/ energy guy with 40 and 92 hopefully helps)
Bailey - Miller - Boeser (hardworking line with former Lotto Line chemistry; hopefully Bailey's energy can help the other two?)
Highmore - Lammikko - Chiasson (this line ain't broke, don't "fix" it)

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