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[proposal] Canucks-Sabres-Rangers

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Rangers just extended Zibanejad which seems like a strong indication that they are not interested in Eichel.  Fox is going to get paid so cap wise would just be too toght to add also Eichel.  Friedman has already assured that they don’t want to trade Schneider. 


Buffalo won’t trade Cozens.  He wants to be there and that has considerable value to a team trying to right their culture and brand.  They are trying to build around players who want to be there. To build something sustainable players have to buy in and right now that group looks to have something going where they are playing for each other.


Don’t see Vancouver trading Pettersson either.  Players were confused by the off-season after the bubble.  Miller talked of how they thought they had something going and now have to start over.  Removing a core player like Pettersson when they are trying to recapture that bubble swagger and get back to being a team might backfire.




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