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is Travis Green toying with team chemistry too much?

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My thoughts are.... why is travis not playing Boeser, Petey, Miller on 1st line right from the getgo? its weird even though boeser was coming from injury. he should have kept them together imo. if he's gonna juggle with lines. he should be toying with 3-4 lines seeking bottom 6 team chemistry. garland, horvat and hogs play  the second line role. our top six is pretty stable. while bouncing podz in and out with hogs is a good idea too. Its weird... why is travis messing up the teams chemistry? he should just go back to the teams original line set up. and that goes with his number 1 power play. Boeser, Petey, Miller, Horvat and Hughes. Lets get some Wins! just go back to the original line up. things will fall into place for the better. don't mess with chemistry thats already there! i just don't get it.  

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