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What Canucks podcasts are worth listening to ?

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Thomas Drance and Farhan Lalji - Vancast


- more critical analysis of the Canucks. Drance can get sorta annoying with his laugh and arrogance, but Lalji seems to balance him off with good counterarguments. They give good behind the scenes information such as their experiences and run in with the organization throughout the week/season that we don't hear about. 


Canucks Conversation - Chris Faber and David Quadrelli 


- more focus on prospects and general talk about the Canucks, some frat boy stuff which gets kinda boring and eye rolling, but they give good insight on the prospects and aspects 650 doesn't really cover about the Canucks.


Sportsnet 650: The People's Show 3-7pm - Sat Shah, Randeep Janda, and Dan Riccio are great. Probably the best coverage of the Canucks so far. They have one person take on the negative side, another taking the positive side, and one of them mediates. Probably the most grounded segment because they don't trend too far to one spectrum. 

Sportsnet 650: Canucks hour 11-12pm - Thomas Drance and Jamie Dodd - very concentrated Canucks talk generally talking analysis of the previous game or bringing updates from practice

Sportsnet 650: Canucks Central 12-3pm - Bik Nizzar and Josh Elliotte Wolf - I like Bik because he seems to be a little bit more attuned to the fanbase and allows the fans to text in and call in more often so that they address fan's issues that they bring up.

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10 hours ago, ShawnAntoski said:

Imo, this forum has alot more to offer and (is far) more entertaining than any of those shows mentioned cause the views in this forum is alot more diverse or schizophrenic - depending on what the Canucks are doing on/off the ice.



I usually listen to Halford and Brough while on this forum.  Definitely my favourite hosts, especially for younger fans like me.  The people's show on 650 is pretty decent as well.  While Drance is usually a Debbie downer, I like following his twitter and arguing with him there lol.

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Agreement on Donnie and Dhali, they are the gold standard. Vancast is ok too but mainly just for Farhan. 

Both podcasts have original thoughts and content as well as some insider information.


I find most others to be hacks and sound too much like broken records as they repeat continuously what they have heard from others with no originality or real knowledge on what they speak on. I put Faber and Quads in their Canucks Conversation in this sensationism hack category and would avoid.

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I just want to say that this new podcast world is heaven.  I was gutted when they took 1040 off the air.  I still think it was a dumb move by Bell. That station was rocking the ratings over the station that actually had the Canucks rights,  and access.

So when I found Donnie and Dhali podcasts available, thank you Chek TV, the world was okay again.  Miss the Moj, but he's still doing Lions. But the best thing about podcasts is besides being free, you can listen to them anytime during the day. I know, "that's right boomer". But I find it amazing. I can hear Halford and Brough at a godly hour ffs.   

I also like Rink Wide.  Especially their post game shows.  They are less than an hour, but Wadden and Jeff break the game down pretty good in that time.

I'll listen to the other ones like Canucks Conversation.  Vancast with Drance, because I like listening to him punish the team, especially after a particularly uninspired effort. 

Still haven't given a second to Sekeres and Price. 



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