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[Report] Marian Gaborik announces retirement

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24 minutes ago, khay said:

I always get shocked when I come across news that a player that I thought long retired comes out and announces that they are retiring.


Like WTF?


It looks like this is a case where he was still under contract but physically unable to play.  As long as he didn't file retirement papers he would still collect his $3M per year.  His final (7 year) deal ran out at the end of last season.

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Lets never forget the time he bought a house in the Lower Mainland and everybody thought he was going to sign with the Canucks in the summer of 2009 but instead he signed with the Rangers.



But in all seriousness, he's been in LTIR for years and I think his contract just expired this summer so this announcement makes sense. He had a great career that was derailed by injuries at the end.

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2 hours ago, CanuckinEdm said:

Tampa must be able to keep their cap circumvention under check without his LTIR money lol 

I repeat they get no bonus, this just proves it. LTIR is not a hack, for infinite moneys.


alll LTIR does is replace the player, the only way its considered a hack is if it was exaclty kucherovs situation LAST year

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2 hours ago, diesel_3 said:

When he was with Minnesota, he was DEADLY.

His shot was crazy, he was a Canuck killer early in his career...I'll always remember his pure skill.

Solid career!

He seemed like the only guy on that Minny team with offensive skill but would kill us each time we played them.  Happy retirement to a heck of a player.

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One of the more talented players to play throughout the 2000's, his skill level was off the charts and he was one of the few bright lights on that boring Minnesota team. His career numbers don't reflect the talent he had, they really don't. Injuries hampered his production, and likely his ability to produce as his career went on. 


Him and Demitra was pretty great together, RIP. 

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