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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators | Nov 5, 2021 7 PM PDT | Special Teams Edition

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Templeton Peck

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3 minutes ago, goalie13 said:

You were just a little quicker with clueing in than I was with my reply.  ::D

Funny thing is I totally thought it was tonight as well, but then I read your post and was like what???  I swear yesterday I checked the schedule and they were playing tonight and then Sunday.

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3 minutes ago, Rindiculous said:

We have Bubble Demko, and we have Scorpion Demko.  What more can a fan of hockey ask for?

Empty net Loui Player Name

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3 hours ago, kilgore said:

So Green is finally changing up the PP. 

Heard on 650. Brock on the bumper, Miller in front of the net, Petey on the right side slot, OEL and Garland on the points.


I like that change, but if the idea is simply to plug n play them into the same static PP, its not going to make much difference.  I want to see them move around more. And pass and shoot quicker.  Go to the net for rebounds.


The static PP's only advantage is that players like Petey, and Boeser, are already always in the perfect spot for the best shot.  But the only way that system works is setting up a one timer.  It doesn't work when they stop the puck every time, giving the goaltender, and defence enough time to recover. Whether its a bad pass, or the player just not ready, its always ...hold...hold...hold....pass...hold...hold...hold....pass....hold....hold...hold...shoot!. 



If Green is Green, this will only last for one PP. Regardless if its good or bad, he will go back to the same ol' same ol'. 

Also you are right, the plan will still be pass, pass, pass, pass , give it to Petey, lose possession.

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2 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

Look out for this line: 


Trenin - Sissons - Jeannot  


This is the new age physical line that can skate well and hits & fights.  

my dream line x 4.. and same with D..  whole team that could do that and with a scoring touch, geeez! yep in my dreams! Reminds me of the old school Islanders, even down to the the Goalie.. Smith.. and that guy could actually fire the puck so opposing teams with goalies pulled really had to be aware of that or how he could pass it to a player off the bench or penalty box was truly wizardly but then hack your *everything* if you were in the crease and he'd fight anyone if mad enough.. 

 Isle's were my 2nd fave team back then, trots boss and giant were fun to watch.. 

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2 hours ago, 4petesake said:


That whole sequence was beyond awesome!




The new generation, capt Kirk McLean save


We haven’t had something to top “the save” in a long time…no disrespect to Loungo.


I’d say Demko is right up there with that moment for me. Gives me goose bumps!






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