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Do you and family talk/text much?


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40 minutes ago, #Canucks said:

Sometimes in the beginning if the family is not close, it can be awkward. My advise, keep reaching out. Eventually it will be different however it won’t change over night. 

Thanks for the advice…my sister and I are complete opposites(she’s extroverted and I’m introverted) so this is probably the reason we don’t talk(nothing much in common)

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52 minutes ago, Mj2345 said:

Sister last texted me in July on my birthday but never responded back to my text, brother in law a few years ago when he needed a favor done, nephews never text me…

so basically we never keep in touch…am I alone here? Lol

no you're not alone at all. Almost never speak to my brother. Mom a lot, sister maybe once per month.

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Some families just have a very different dynamic. I really dislike talking to friends and family on the phone, not exactly a phobia but not that far from it. I love them and love visiting with them in person but that generally only happens every year or two as we are all spread out over three provinces. I do text my sister fairly regularly but other than that my wife is the one who keeps better contact with my side of the family. 

Maybe let your sister know that you are feeling a little low lately and that you miss talking to her every once in a while and even an occasional text would help. Remember though that if you don’t get the response you are hoping for try not to take it too personally. Some of us just aren’t really good at keeping in touch.

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Hardly talk to my parents (and they live abroad) call my Nan once a week and normally go see her every other month (lives in different city) 


My son though speaks to my parents most weekends if they can be bothered. And they might come over once a year on one of their trips back to the homeland. 

occasionally email my sister. Only my nan has my actual phone number. 

as people they are okay as parents they suck. Even when you try and build bridges it gets tiring when they constantly play the victim in any circumstances and make up stuff. One of the latest revelations was they apparently when my son was born (quite a few years ago now) and they came over to see him we didn’t let them hold him and were cold to them.


when we found out this we called them out on it and they doubled down, so we sent them the pictures and videos of that exact time showing them holding, feeding and playing with him. 

disnt get an apology only a statement saying well where did I get those memories from them. However while I don’t have much to do with them I try not to let that interfere with my sons relationship with them, unless they cross the line and hurt him 



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