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[PGT] Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 07, 2021

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Just now, 1-d said:

We would have been the Habs without Demko.


Pretty close, still.

If we clean up in front of him(and on the PK) and the young stars/PP get going then we could string together some wins.


He'll burn out if we have to rely on him too much and too often which means more Halak or a bad string of games from Demmer.


I liked the body movement on the PP goals. It's what led to the goals. Need more of that. No more stagnant PP.

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Powerplay was night and day compared to previous games. What a difference it makes guys moving around rather than standing in the same spot and passing around the perimeter. Not surprised that we finally see Petey get his goal not from his PP spot but rather on the point. The one time I can remember him looking dangerous when the powerplay was dead was the time he skated the puck from his spot to the point and took the shot. Anyway, with the Ducks winning vs Blues, that next game versus them is going to be huge. Canucks chance to make this homestand look respectable.

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