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[Report] Bob Murray resigns as Ducks GM, Jeff Solomon named as interim GM

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20 hours ago, rekker said:



Ohh, Howard look what hanging out with your so called friends has done.

You used to be such a good looking, well behaved duck.

I told you to lay of the meth, but no you said you could handle it.

So the death of your movie career is on YOU, Howard.




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13 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Didn't Bob Murray play his entire career with Chicago and then was their GM for a awhile?  Must be the air in the Windy City...

Murray is at the age where he grew up with ''old school'' management and coaching.  Just at the age where it was starting to become weeded out. 


Mental abuse was considered motivational. ''You F'ng ______, what the F is wrong with you?''


"Keep your mouth shut & do what you are told...''



OK bag skate for everyone...  :bigblush:

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  • -Vintage Canuck- changed the title to [Report] Bob Murray resigns as Ducks GM, Jeff Solomon named as interim GM
2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

What crosses the line for a manager or coach for you? 


We can start here right. Early signs of a problem and not dealt with until 2021.

Edit: sorry, didn’t realize you were talking about LouLam.

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Kyle Beach started this. I’m so incredibly proud of him. Would this abuse have been addressed had Beach not come forward? How many people will he help save from trauma?


This league like most professional sports organizations needs a reckoning. It’s about bloody time the powerful execs face consequences for their abusive behavior towards people regardless of what form it takes or who is victimized. I bet the NHL hotline or whatever it is has been flooded with tips.


More stories are coming in the weeks and months ahead, that you can be sure of.

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