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Trading this core before a new coach has an opportunity to work with them would be a mistake

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To answer the OP thread title - of course it would be a mistake.   When the coach goes a new one needs a chance to evaluate the players and make his own lines.   Most of the time they start with something that is pretty close with what the players are used to as well.   Not always though.   Also a new coach needs time to actually put their systems in.   Also takes time.    Why i have doubts if we keep Green or we don't keep Green it won't matter much on the end result for this season.    The fear of losing ice time always helps give a boost.   It should also help give a boost BEFORE a coach is changed IF the teams got the coaches back.   Why for me at least, if he hasn't lost the room, we should see some of that tonight.  Clock is ticking. 

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19 hours ago, cdgraham said:

Haha I'm listening to it right now as I read this. 


He had an interview on sportsnet 650. 


Wasn't super harsh, he actually agrees with op that the Canucks have the skill and players to be a playoff team. But he also said it's up to the players to get up for each game, and if you need a coach to get you ready for a game you don't belong in the NHL. Said he never once relied on a coach to get up for a game and start strong. 

Thanks for that. The badger has always been a beauty.


This team could really use someone like him right now.

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