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(POLL) When / should Green be Fired ?

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When / should Green be Fired ?  

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  • RU SERIOUS changed the title to (POLL) When / should Green be Fired ?

I was keen to see how he would coach this new, much-improved (on paper) team - but nothing I've seen this season says he can make a fist of it. Clean break now, experienced coach in, and if the issues are still there after 20 games, you fire Benning.

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He never should have been hired in he first place. There was nothing to indicate that he was the best option for the job at he time of his hiring, and what people seem to forget is that at the time of him becoming head coach he was threatening to leave the organization if he didn't receive the gig. 


But for the sake of the poll I voted "never should have been resigned"

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Fire Green and his staff. Fire Benning also if that is a option. Benning made a big mistake resigning Green. This is a business and results wins are what matters. 7 years of this is accepting being mediocre and insulting to the fans. Actions speak louder than words Mr. Aquilini.


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13 minutes ago, spook007 said:

I was on the 20 games and take stock wagon, but another performance like this and he should be on his way...

Had enough of this disorganised hockey. 


5 on 5 has been ok, but Special teams are killing us. The previous PP coach was relieved to improve the PP... To say it hasn't helped (yet) would be the understatement of the year, but the real problem lays in our PK performances. Abysmal at best... sort this crap out...now.


They have had 15 games to sort out the PK, and it still stinks like a whorehouse at low tide... Enough is enough...

The PK ... It's killed us.    The 5 x 5 play hasn't been bad, actually decent most games.   With better special teams a different result.   That said the sample size is getting to the point now, a change  almost certainly will come and soon.   Maybe today.   Maybe after ANA.    It's win for the coach now too that's for sure as far as the team and players go.   Hopefully JB can swing a deal to bring in a LHD that can kill penalties at least and salvage things personnel wise a little.   This year .... very disappointing so far.   Saving Green would take a small miracle at this point.    They cane out last night with that in mind, or so it least appeared that way.     OJ might not have been enough, same with Gadj, but it sure would have been nice to see what they could do.   Its mind boggling that our OK is so bad, even with this personnel though.    Green...was rooting for him too, part of our team.   EP....ugh.   Guess we will all find out soon enough.   It's absolutely not all on him.   JB and the players as well.  

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It's really hard to know from our homes who is to blame for the current mess, there does however need to be change soon in one way or another. I think I'm 2-3 more really bad games like tonight's away from wanting either a new coach, trade or GM. I personally think a new coach takes priority but outside of Boudreau, Tocchet and Babcock, I'm not sure what experienced coaches are available and would be a good fit. 

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In real estate terms:

Getting rid of Green is like a 'short sale'

Not quite getting what he paid for.


Short sale

In a short sale, the property is being sold for less than the debt secured by the property. Short sales will require the approval of the seller’s lender(s) as the proceeds of the sale will be just “short” of the amount owed


AQ should make 'blind offer' on a experienced NHL coach with a proven track record. 

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25 minutes ago, Vinny in Vancouver said:

Another popular suggestion in this forum and the radio airwaves from yesterday's game: stop making Horvat the Captain...

thats just such a dumb take on whats wrong with the team imo. Bo isn't the problem.

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A lot say to wait 20 games, so okay. They're at 15 games now, with 8 losses in regulation. 


If Travis loses 2 more games in regulation over the next 5 games, then fire him immediately. 


I also hope Benning's not dumb enough to think Shaw will save their season as interim head coach either. 

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11 minutes ago, JM_ said:

thats just such a dumb take on whats wrong with the team imo. Bo isn't the problem.

Apparently so many people are pissed off about Bo not standing up for Podkolzin: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o6OPa9jAA2Y . It brought back memories of Matheson's mugging of Petey and Bo (and the rest of the Canucks) not doing anything at the time. Me personally, I'd like to hear Bo's take on it - maybe he was so focused on not going offsides that he didn't see the actual hit - after all, Podz stood up very quickly.

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