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2021 WJC Pool - Group B


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On 11/16/2021 at 11:37 AM, AriGold said:

Draft Start - The draft will start on Monday December 6th at 8 AM PST. Drafting will not be permitted before our start date.


Draft Limits/Key Dates - The Draft will run with 4 hour time limits from 8 AM PST - 12 AM PST every day from Sunday December 5th until Monday December 20th at 11:59 PST.

So is it the 5th or 6th this draft starts? :lol:

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Just now, AriGold said:

oops... Umm... Let's kick it off with NO time limits today.


Give me a couple to make my pick.

in that case.... I will make my picks "if they pop up in time today" lol.


As of tmrw tho Crabby can do my list :D

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30 minutes ago, Primal Optimist said:

Popped on to finalize my list of hopefuls for tomorrow and saw this started already and was like "am i nuts more nuts? could have sworn it was Monday: but I am happy to see it kick off on a Sunday: better chance at no skips for round one. Cheers and good luck all.


I realized I had today and tomorrow on the OP so I decided to kick it off today with NO timer. Timer starts tomorrow 8am.

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