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Francesco Aquilini To meet with Jim Benning today

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2 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Absolutely pointless meeting unless it involves an actual NHL coach being hired tomorrow.

Not necessarily. A new GM can make a lot of difference in on ice performance quickly, even if Green stays. (I want Green to go). My hope though, is Aquaman is putting the screws to Benning and saying hey.... Either Green goes or you both go.

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2 minutes ago, kanucks25 said:

Friedman said the meeting isn't about making changes but more how to fix the situation.


Don't know how they'll fix it without changes.


More of the same, I guess.



Friedman is speculating. There needs to be changes made. There is no fix that doesn't involve personnel changes. Maybe Aquilini is having the meeting to see if Benning even has a plan. 

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3 minutes ago, Bertorama said:

Piece of Garbage. ??!! Lol. 


Hes maybe not a good coach anymore lost his room but hardly a piece of garbage that’s harsh. just lost his leadership. He needs to move out time for a change but he will land with another team.



He threw his team under the bus and refused to take any accountability for his gross incompetence.  That's absolutely pitiful and no player in their right mind would respect that clown afterwards.


I stand by what I said.  Green is a locker room cancer and has no business coaching at the NHL level.


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