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[Proposal] Sign Eric Staal

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Assuming Eric Staal has any interest in playing in Vancouver, I can't see any harm with the Canucks signing him to a 1-year deal.


Staal's older now and shouldn't be counted on to provide offence but he has been a responsible 2-way player over his career and is a proven effective NHL center.  I don't know if Staal would help the Canucks PK much but he has killed penalties over the course of his career, so he could help in that regard.  At the very least, Staal might give the Canucks a proven C who could take some of the burden of faceoffs from Horvat and Miller.  Additionally, among many other things the Canucks seem to need, it feels like the Canucks need a veteran leader in the locker room which Staal should be able to provide.

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Myself along with many others I would guess would be good with that signing. You're right he would bring leadership into the room and costs nothing at all really. 


The main issue is that I see no angle where he'd want to play in Vancouver. Most likely looking at playoff teams or at least close to, unfortunately we are currently one of the worst teams in the NHL. 

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