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Jim Benning media availability

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2 minutes ago, AV. said:


-  Injuries to Schenn, suspension to Poolman, Hamonic issues --> all unforeseen
-  Missing "key leaders" like Sutter
-  Schedule is tough
-  Taking things day by day
-  Feels the team is about two years away from being a top contender

Rinse and repeat

Well this about sums it up lol



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Why? What's to say Jim? Unless it's a personnel replacement which it won't because they are in patient mode. 


Sure they're working hard and have to battle through the challenges blah blah blah ...


I'm in sure the heck mode I don't want to hear from this guy or green They're both bummers. 


It's stated the type of leadership group you have reflects the team you get. Jim is a flat liner and Travis is just plain down and out of any semblance of solutions.


Flat line hockey team



So who cares what he says even if he's letting some one go it doesn't matter because he's  still selling the same bill of goods. 

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The only sure thing to come of this is since Benning is so alarmingly bad at stringing a sentence together and communicating any point clearly, this will not be confidence inspiring. It will simply further prove he is kind of a dim bulb who has no clue what is going on.


And it will accent that he actually has no plan. What there will be is plenty of excuses about uncontrollable factors that are responsible for everything going wrong.

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