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Distribution of the blame - who is at fault?

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On 11/18/2021 at 12:02 PM, Dazzle said:

In summary, everyone, minus Ian Clark.


Let's start with Aquilini ownership:


- accused of being meddling - but it's their team.

- problem is that they hired the wrong people, in hindsight. Benning is undeniably a problem, but not nearly as big of a problem as the other ones.

- not making the right decisions when they needed to. (Extending Green, not firing Green when they could've done it.)

- insisting on his mistakes without an apparent plan to fix it.

- not adding enough support for his GMs, via assistant GMs. Team President role is obviously very demanding and not all people can thrive in that.




- there is no other way around this, but he is a mistake. Perhaps he's a victim of Aquilini and how he deals with this team.

- Benning did a good job this offseason, but the team is so unbelievably toxic, and he's been at the controls, from start to finish. Wasn't able to find the source of the problem. Player Name, Roussel, Beagle weren't the problems, clearly. Neither was Newell Brown.

- spent a lot of money on 'established' players. Contrary to how Gillis did it, he spent little on his supplementary players (but had a core gifted by previous GMs)

- pro scouting - minus Garland, Miller - has been suspect. No concept of team chemistry.

- Keeping Green. This is a coach that has been mediocre from start to finish. Minus the bubble, Green is comparable to Willie Desjardins.

- Perhaps trusting Green too much. Green hasn't proven to be a good manager of players, so his input on the roster shouldn't be considered.

- poor communication of ideas to the public. Making big promises without the ability to follow through.



- mediocre coach at best. No record to show that he is capable beyond 50 percent, despite huge roster overhaul, and multiple chances to lift team up.

- poor coaching tactics. No matching up game (unlike AV), and no adaptation. We are still playing like we had the same team in the bubble. Insistence on using bag skates as an evaluation tool. Playing favourites, without any accountability.

- poor assistant coaches - Baumgartner is a nice guy, but shouldn't be coaching at the NHL level. Jason King is extremely unproven.


Everyone should be cleaned house, except Aquilini since he's the owner. Maybe this is a huge wakeup call that the way Aqua runs his team is garbage.


Green is not a good coach. Stop the excuses. Shouldn't even be in the NHL, tbh.


Benning is not a good GM, even if he has a track record as a scout. The fact that Aquilini is dragging his feet on both these issues demonstrates that he is unable to make the moves that he needed to.


Finally the fans, the people who complain about Aquilini. A bunch of fans say he meddles too much, while others say he doesn't help the team when it needs leadership. The coach obviously is not good, so fire him early. Instead, this toxicity is allowed to build up.




- trade Horvat at the trade deadline. He is due for a contract and there is no sense in keeping him. Time for a new era. Horvat doesn't stand up for his teammates

- trade Miller - 29 and UFA coming up. A first round pick was used to obtain him, so we can get someone/picks decent back. Miller is a good leader.

- if leadership is a question mark, this will spark a reset


These two trades alone will benefit the Canucks long term, in addition to a high draft pick.



- need to get a proven leader in the room, someone with a lot of experience. Age shouldn't be a factor. I don't think we have this in the room, except Miller

- Bruce Boudreau for exciting season success, or Guy Boucher for painful, but stable defense. Not Green, not WD, not this AHL calibre staff.

There's no doubt who's really at fault for this teams mess.



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8 hours ago, wallstreetamigo said:

We have a puck possession forward group. The coach wants to play dump and chase.


We have a good skating, good first pass D that relies on their skating to defend. The coach wants to play a stand around passive defense and a chip the puck out transition game.


Anyone with any knowledge of hockey can see why the team is underachieving and the players are struggling.

Green seems to loathe this team based on his coaching decisions; perhaps due to that two year extension cause he seems more arrogant (now) - but his overall record with the on ice product is garbage.

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None of us are in the room, so none of us has any clue.


Coaching? Player(s)? Something else? A combination of multiple things? I have no idea and neither do any of you.


Benning better figure it out soon though if he hopes to keep his job. There's no reason this group of players should be underperforming THIS poorly.

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16 hours ago, I.Am.Ironman said:

I find it interesting that there is so little mention of the players?


I've said this before: Are the pitchforks out if Bo, Brock and Elias are producing like they are supposed to?


Bo Horvat: 17GP, 5G, 5A, 10pts

Brock Boeser: 14GP. 4G, 4A, 8pts

Elias Pettersson: 17GP, 3G, 6A, 9pts


These players are paid to be our top producers. Green and Benning definitely own their fair share of the blame but what happens if they both get fired and the suck continues? Green can't score for these guys. Neither Boeser nor Pettersson have improved since their rookie year. Unlike Bo, if these guys aren't producing they don't offer anything. Bo at least can win faceoffs and take defensive matchups.

Could this be the result of environment/ systems created by Benning/Green

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4 hours ago, CJ44 said:

True, but in terms of coaching careers 5 years isn't a lot. It seems like a lot when you're losing lol.

It's a lot. Some coaches don't last that long. I think WD has been a career NHL loser. Five losing seasons of his and he doesn't see an NHl roster again.

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It's a mix of a few things: Ownership, Benning, Green and his assistants, and Horvat.  Before folks jump down my throat on how could anyone criticize their beloved Horvat - this guy is the supposed to be the leader of the players.  Team captain definitely bears some responsibility for the team's performance and any reported locker-room issues.  

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3 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

what about the 10% luck and 20% skill?

Well, the first (luck) is just a part of the game, all teams deal with and it isn't "what's wrong" with this team, although it may contribute.

The second (skill)…that's on Management.

Point is...can't pin this on one party. There is LOTS wrong with this team.

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