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[GDT] Canucks vs Jets | Nov 19 7pm SNP thank u so much benning <3 just another 6 more years were almost there ;D

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  • Odd. changed the title to [GDT] canucks winnipeg Nov 19 7pm SNP thank u so much benning <3 just another 6 more years were almost there ;D

Man, been there done that, only difference, I’m married with children and now my wife and kids and the cat hate me. However, in the last few years I have obtained a nice sized beer canvas that I can don with “Thank you Jim” in quite large font and join you outside the arena as long as you supply the beer.


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34 minutes ago, Odd. said:

right now im 10 shots deep of tequila with a 6 pack of ronas and a couple of left over Stellas from yesterday just waiting to be chugged on a thursday night, my girlfriend hates me because id rather get wasted alone and watch the canucks play then to sleep with her at her place, i texted my ex right before because i was in argumentative mood,  im this close to running naked to Rogers Arena (10 minute walk) with a Thank You Jim Benning and Aquilini painted on my stomach, ive had thoughts about making out with the statue outside the arena as well, my neighbours think someones being murdered in my apartment because i find myself screaming at 2 am at the fact that we sent Gadjovich on waivers, its been almost 2 months and im still not over it, severely dehydrated and on the cusp of passing out, and i think im going to end my night at Nino and probably lose a couple of hundreds on blackjack and roulette.


this is my life as a Canucks fan. My girlfriend hates me, i just reignited my ex's hatred towards me, my neighbours hate me, im an alcoholic, i am overly obsessed with this team for no reason, my friends think im a loser because i dont go out anymore, im a gambling addict, i hate everyone, i hate myself, BC is flooding, my brain is flooded, i have 200 dollars worth of parking tickets to pay the city of vancouver (MORE BIKE LANES HOORAY................ sike)





I’m also heavy in the alchohol, so cheers mate!

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