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45 minutes ago, stawns said:

Isn't this a discussion board?  This board has been discussing and dissecting what's wrong with the team in multiple threads, that's my take on it, is that a problem?

You're one of the best hockey minds on these boards.

I have no problem with your take on it.

My respect for you might contribute to the energy I give to our Miller disagreement. 

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1 hour ago, Hairy Kneel said:

I've been here since 82.Towel power days. I’m not giving this losing streak a pass and looking the other way. Nope not turning the other cheek at all. 

We are freakin better than this. 


Clearly you want Subban to be traded here?


Amusingly, he is still a pretty darn good PKer.


Subban for Myers… I do that deal just to get out from the Myers contract and free up the money for a defensive D.

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1 hour ago, stawns said:

Didnt say he wasnt a dick.  I said he kept his emotions in check.......you didn't often (if ever) see him slamming his stick or screaming in frustration.


Sure, that's fair:  the fact that he could do what he did to other players without much emotion (other than getting off on it) is what made him a psychopath. 

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7 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Supporting the team is subjective and could mean a lot of things.


It could mean:

  • Spending money and attending every home game
  • Watching all 82 games, win or lose
  • Spending money on merchandise
  • Hoping for a change for the better

Whatever it is; the destination is the same, which is winning the Stanley Cup.


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6 hours ago, DSVII said:

I agree with the sentiment but we shouldn't forget the toxic positivity here as well. I've seen posters come in with well thought out criticisms and concerns and they get piled on as delusional, chicken Littles, leafs lovers, not 'true' fans. Some posts even violate the board rules of trolling etc..but never get called out by the mods. I'll admit I've been called that plenty as a critic of the regime. Even when I do state we have the same goals, to win a cup. 


Like you said. You can support the team but still be critical. Doesn't mean we want the players to fail. I hope petey scores a Hatty each game. I said more than once I want Benning to prove me wrong. But I'm just not seeing it.


Anyway point is, the cleanup of toxicity has to come from both ends of the aisle.


Apologies if any of my posts seem 'toxic' but it is polarizing when you get told to stuff it during the "rebuild" years and that the team is just fine and now be told to play nice cause you might hurt feelings

I get where you're coming from completely and agree, there needs to be a healthy balance and needs to come from both ends of the aisle.


Being critical is one thing, chronically negative and toxic are different. I think some people take advantage of the word critical to justify being negative and their toxicity.


There are ways to be critical with balanced perspective without being toxic. And there are ways to be supportive without being toxic or destructive. 

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I mean being invested emotionally in a sports team can illicit good and bad responses. But let’s be honest, there’s no participation awards here. Most of spend good money to watch the team.


Negativity is fine when it’s warranted. Right now, it’s warranted. You can’t grab Pom Pom’s and good feels your way out of this. 

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13 hours ago, Kumquats said:

Yes, let's just hope these millionaires' feelings don't get hurt. 

Ahhh there it is, the old spoiled millionaire hockey player gripe. Professional athletes get paid, period 


Go watch your local Peewee team if it offends you.


Go Canucks go

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