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[GDT] Canucks vs Hawks Nov 21 5pm SNP chaisson appreciation thread

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  • Odd. changed the title to [GDT] canucks hawks nov 21 5pm snp chaisson appreciation thread

Why yes, after weeks of thinking about it I think that the CDC collective soul can breathe a sigh of relief.  


Yours truly, VH, the one and only, is going to the game tonight.  


I will strategically be placed in a second row, mid-ice balcony, and ready to swoop down on any naysayers of this team.  Like a Sh*t Hawk.  


drunk trailer park boys GIF A $&!# Hawk. 



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4 hours ago, cuporbust said:



Is that Bo, his wife, Petey and the owner?  Bo’s wife seems to be laughing.  Is the owner funny?  That restaurant needs a heater.  Toques, heavy coats, and gloves indoors?  

(Is Garland there, and he’s the one blocked by the window sill?  I don’t think the poster knows the difference between sill and frame.)  

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Hoping for a second win in a row! We could definitely use something to be happy about in the province after this last week!


The boys played a really good game last game, they were disciplined and competed hard 5v5. Scored a couple big goals on the PP(granted the Pegs PK is nearly as bad as ours), hopefully that can continue into tonight's game.

We aren't going to have many games where we don't give up a Powerplay, so that is still going to be a big test for the team. We need to get the PK figured out if we want any hope to be able to claw back into the standings.


Calling a 3-1 Victory tonight!

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So....for once we are favourites to win? dows that mean we relax and loose or gain confidence and ride the wave to success? hoping for a W and that more players regain confidence and plays more like they did last game. its time to turn things around with a winning streak....:towel:

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