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Devils unveil third jersey

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Overall i'd give this a D+.   The plus is for a post above, because baseball font is the only thing interesting about it, even though it has no place in hockey.   The D is for trying to be cool about a black jersey...the Devils don't own that right, we do for f!ck sakes and bring them back already.   For me it's just stupid.   The late 90's are over, all the other teams that tried hard or be us, failed except for the Dallas Stars.   And we failed our own fanbase by letting a WSH based group brand us with a stupid uniform with stupid colours that had nothing to do with our history other then the black.   Back then...well at least a few teams didn't buy into it ... like the AVs and the Wings.    Even PHI did.   Their colour should always be orange.   Like the Wings and Flames should be red.   Ugh.   If i was a NJ fan id be seriously disappointed.    And as a fan of the best uniform we've ever had - shame on anyone taking our colours .... like the league knew what tough and skilled meant back in the late 90's....Why did we have purple all of a sudden!  Stupid.  At least we finally went back to our roots kind of.    Our uniforms are still kind of bad though. 





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It's not the worst jersey I've seen at least. It's certainly not good though at the same time. lol


This seems more like a lame attempt at a "retro-looking" design that's neither original (ie. Chicago's black jersey already exists) nor good looking (the word "Jersey" seems out of place and the red seems random with the way it is).


I think the sad part is they could do so much with the idea of the "Devils". It's not like the Canucks where we're limited in what we could have unless if we get super creative.

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On 11/23/2021 at 10:56 AM, Devron44 said:

The red and green is so ugly. I understand it’s their retro but man they look so bad to me. I typically like a lot of retro jerseys too

Disagree they should go back to the red and green full time, Red for the Devils Green for the Garden State. 

Thirds are clean and I like the 21 stripes representing the 21 Counties.

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