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Does ownership still allow Jim Benning to make any moves?

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Why aren't people and the management looking at how well the Flames are doing, hammer home the point, and oh it is because they got Darryl Sutter the past March. A seasoned and proven coach? The Flames were pretty dull and deadweight looking the past years. 


Edmonton also went through 5 coaches from 2013 and arrived at Dave Tippett where they can claim they are now a pretty good team aiming for the Stanley Cup. 


Canucks? Let's stick with Green for 5 seasons playing 0.488 P%. 

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Interesting Poll on Donnie & Dhali today on CHEK TV in which they asked if people trust Jim B regarding trades.   94% said NO


Thousands of "Normal" Canucks fans (not drinking Uncle Jim Kool-Aid) have spoken.    He's lost the trust of the entire fan base.   FIRE HIM - NOW!


poll question: Do you trust Jim Benning to make a major trade right now? Personal computer Email: TheTeam @ Chekmedia dot ca Mobile phone Text: 604-200-9494
5,269 votes·Final results
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16 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

Jim Benning has been winning trades more often then not.  


It doesn't make sense to limit his trades, but to answer your question: Jim Benning has always had to run his trades by Aquaman.  

It's time they pulled the plug on this dud. If he won the trades why isn't the team better.

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26 minutes ago, aqua59 said:





Thank gawd.

"I was all set to, you know, make some good deals to make the team better.  Like, you know, all kinds of GMs were calling, and you know, they were telling me I was their favorite GM to make deals with. So, like, I think I could have made some real good deals.  I like had one already on the table, sending Miller and Boeser to the Flames for like some real good pieces. Gudbranson and, you know, like Pitlick maybe too. "

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