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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Pittsburgh Penguins | Nov 24, 2021 4 PM PDT | Normal GDT Edition

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Templeton Peck

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1 minute ago, Hairy Kneel said:

Maybe US Thanksgiving was the cut off for firing Green?

This team needs more than one cut off. 


It's stated US thanksgiving is the measuring stick for the season. 


There's nothing to measure in the tank... the tank is dryer than a popcorn fart in a sandstorm. 

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2 minutes ago, canuckleheads fan said:

The Canucks look like they're trying to get the coach fired. Giveaways all over the ice, no urgency. Demko should sue for lack of support.


And WTAF, Juolevi couldn't make the bottom pairing ahead of Schenn, Butroughs and Hunt?

You can't pin any of that on Schenn, he wasn't on the ice for any of the Pens' goals and had an assist on our only goal. he played a solid game.

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11 minutes ago, MikeyD said:

Eventually he's gonna be our best defenseman because if he keeps progressing this way he will be skating backwards like the wind! 

Is the management watching these games?  His skating isnt even average for this league.   

Whats worse is that he takes extra long shifts and is even more useless as hes gassed for the last 20-30 seconds of it.  How are the coaches blind to this.

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