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32 Thoughts: Canucks slowly moving towards inevitable changes

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The Arrogant Worms

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The aftermath of Vancouver’s 4-1 loss to Pittsburgh was so awkward, so cringeworthy, it was impossible to believe something wouldn’t change on Thanksgiving Thursday. One longtime executive said “it’s almost a mercy killing after a night like that.”

There was JT Miller rolling his eyes at a “Do you think everyone is buying in?” question, responding with “I don’t know,” because he didn’t want to say what he really thought.


There was captain Bo Horvat sighing, “It’s exhausting. We talk about the same things all the time.”

Everyone in the organization knows changes are coming. Whether in the front office, on the bench or on the ice, they are coming. The question is the timetable. There’s some push for a quick move, but also a realization you can’t rush yourself into something insane. One executive told me years ago you worry in times like these about making a “tombstone trade,” a deal so bad that it is remembered forever. I think that’s the biggest current internal wrestling match: How fast do we do this and what is the first move?

There were a few hours on Thursday I thought something was going to happen. I really thought those who believe “we have to do something right now…anything!” were going to win the day. That obviously didn’t occur, whether in Vancouver or Columbus, where the team practised in advance of Friday’s game against the impressive Blue Jackets. (The Athletic’s Thomas Drance reported Miller snapped at a poorly-organized drill.)



We will see what Friday brings. There are so many rumours right now, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Some of that is because the organization is doing external research on potential candidates, both in the front office and behind the bench. Obviously, you try to keep that as quiet as possible, but there’s always the risk of leakage. Team Canada is expected to name Claude Julien as its head coach at the upcoming Channel One and Spengler Cups, with the added possibility of coaching the Olympic Team if NHLers don’t go. (Bruce Boudreau and Scott Walker are the expected assistants.)

It is believed that if the Canucks wished to speak to Julien, for example, Montreal would not block permission.

It’s stressful, and everyone internally -- from the offices to the dressing room -- is on-edge waiting for something to happen. Best way out is for everyone to row in the same direction, but that clearly isn’t happening.



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9 minutes ago, Alflives said:

These are LOSER Toronto based (and Leaf fans) people.  Screw them!  Let them suck on our old smelly SOCKS!  We need to circle the wagons of true fans and hate all others.  


It’s not hate, it pity. 

The Canucks right now are a pitiful, terrible organization. 

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I'll always be a true loyal fan, But holy crap the decision making from coach to owner since preseason started has been piss poor. I really don't understand why we take soo long to atleast try a potential easy fix in a coaching change. Cost nothing to the team but cash. And its going to cost aqua more by not doing anything asap. Even if we make the playoffs, I'm not spending a dime on this team this year. Too many poor decisions made for my liking<_<

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I was just thinking about Tampa Bay.

Basically their core was formed between 2008-12.

Stamkos, Hedman, Kucherov, Vasilevskiy.

Cirelli was 2015

Drouin was traded for Sergachev and a second. 

So realistically speaking. It took them about 8-9 years from the Stamkos draft to lose in the Conference Finals.

Then they lost in the first round the year after that.

Then they won two cups in a row. 


So everyone understands. If the team is dead serious of being a cup contender. It's going to take another 5-7 years to get good in the playoffs, and it might be a full

decade if we "Blow it up".


And that's with Yzerman and BriseBois running the show. 


I'm just saying, be careful what you wish for. 


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