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(discussion/levity) Whats the real reason for the Canucks downfall?

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7 minutes ago, JM_ said:

Aqulini Sr. spurned the love interest of a Sicilian olive picker and we now have four generations of bad luck.

Was this Olive Picker from a branch of that family who emigrated from Sicily, and once they got to North America, changed their family name to Oyl? And they kept Olive as a family heritage name...


There is also a rumor of a three way romance, with a guy who worked on the docks, or maybe he was a sailor.


Anyways, this quick downward slide is due to the influence of the Oyls.


                                                         regards,  G.

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It’s been like this since Benning took over. 

5th in the league in shots against, since 2014. The only playoff team who has a worst shot against per 60 mins is Toronto, but they can manage to win games by outscoring their opponents. While we can’t.

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D-core has three top 4 D and all of them are more offensive/transition players. No defensive D. Really miss Tanev in that regard. Didn't replenish the bottom 6 well enough. Dickinson, a winger, relied on replacing what Beagle/Sutter brought down the middle.Those two things alone have led to our PK and defensive play being piss poor.


Same problems as past years. Relying too heavily on goaltending but even more so. Giving up the 1st goal almost every game. Can only manage a period worth of time at per game where we look good and that's on a good night.


Star players in Petey/Boeser having a rough year. Petey isn't going than the offense isn't capable of playing at its best.


Our weaknesses from before got worse this year.


A lot has gone wrong.

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