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Podkolzin speaks about the tough start to the Canucks season…

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Love Podz, one of the few bright lights of what's so far been a dismal season 


He's got all the potential in the world and he seems to be in a good headspace, everything is still new and he's adjusting to the pace of the NHL game rather well 


Props to him and his wife for navigating NHL level hockey, learning English, and living in Vancouver being as young as they are 

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1 hour ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

This kid is the real deal as far as his skill and physical attributes go... and his interview shows he is also the real deal with his attitude. :emot-parrot:

what's this physical attribute everyone's hyping Polkolzin with..? Im seeing him getting pushed around the ice, what am I missing here? 

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Love how Podkolzin has been playing. 


Definitely gaining confidence with the way he's been playing. 


Hoping that confidence continues and he puts up goals and points, because the rest of the top six aren't getting it done. 


How did Petey look tonight? I wasn't able to watch the game (not that I wanted to). 


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2 hours ago, Rush17 said:

Anyone got the cash to start up a russian bath house? lol :lol: 


That's the only take away I took from it aside from him being a great freaking person and character guy.

I wish there was one. Russian baths are amazing. Went to a few in the US. 


Vancouver does have a bathhouse but it's not for dudes who don't really like other dudes if you catch my drift. Not that there is anything wrong with that! 


As for the interview it sure makes Podkolzin look like a good kid with the right attitude. 

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give it time he Hasn’t been greened yet. Hasn’t  had the creativity and things that made him successful coached out of him. 

like how he plays, hard on the puck not afraid 

phyical, fear not thou he’ll be dumping  and chasing soon enough and become totally ineffective too.  


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11 hours ago, Alflives said:

I didn’t read this.  Too much text.  Is there a Voles Notes?  

Pods is awesome.  Demko sucks.  Did be.  

I hate it when people blame the goalie. Sometimes it's warranted but demko is awesome.


Marky had tough games before too, demko will be a star goalie in this league and most likely an Olympian this year.


Even when luongo was setting records half the fan base ragged on him.


Demko is one of the only bright spots on the team. We may have outshot them last night but they were mostly perimeter shots. Chances were around the same in my opinion.

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9 hours ago, wallstreetamigo said:

Man what is your obsession with Demko? Honestly, he is literally the last player anyone should be blaming here.

Thing is, when you’re the best player on one of the worst teams, the blame will get to you too at some point…

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