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You know Canucks hockey has become toxic when...

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17 minutes ago, Johnny Torts said:

wasnt he the one that started the BS about Miller and Horvat? (sekeres)

Yes.  It’s what guys like him and Thomas Drance do.  They try and start $&!#.  For example, a few years back before the 2017 draft, Benning inquired about moving our 5th overall + asset in order to move up in the draft to try and select Cale Makar.  Thomas Drance, knowing that his followers hated Benning, attempted to spin this as “Benning wanted Cody Glass over Elias Pettersson.”


Guys like Sekeres and Drance are scum

bags plain and simple.  

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9 minutes ago, Odd. said:

Glad iMac put him in his place. 

iMac’s one of the brighter spots of all media here.

Yep.  iMac, Kuzma, and Don Taylor are all great.  Even Tony Gallagher who can be douchey at times, is a stand up guy.  As far as the new age guys go, Dan Riccio and Sat Shah are also excellent.

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