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New Set Lines!

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All the line juggling Green has been doing hasn’t helped the team. They need set lines that can be slightly inter-changed. After watching the first 22 games, I believe these should be a lines on a consistent basis:

















This will keep the same players working together even strength and on PP and develop chemistry between them. In the forward group if necessary, Petey and Garland can be rotated or Pearson and Motte but keep the other pairs together (ex. Miller/Podz,Bo/Hoggy). But only make changes if they really aren’t working.


I think a system/coaching change is still necessary, but at least this will give the lines some consistency. The team is all over the place, which is why results aren’t changing.  

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Nice idea, but the reality is that as long as Green is the coach lines don't matter.  


You can have an entire practice with set lines but once a game starts he will probably blend them before all the players have actually had a shift.  



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Agree that we need to stick with the lines.


But I don't think Miller and Petey play well together.


And since Lammikko out, 4th line has been much better. Before, they were 100% hemmed in our zone, now they go on the attack more. Maybe it's Motte factor or not but Motte-Dickinson >>> Motte-Lammikko.


At this point, we might as well roll the lines with 4 centers: Miller-Horvat-EP-Dickinson.


Dickinson as 4C is just fine although he may not have performed so well as a 3C.







The lines are fine. We are doing OK 5-on-5 just the goals aren't coming and it will come as they build chemistry. 


That PK though... 


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38 minutes ago, EddieVedder said:

Why is boeser your top rw?  He has been the most useless player and gets slower each game.

Just to get him going.  Boeser has always had his most success playing alongside Horvat imo.  Think back to the 2016-2018 days.  If it doesn't work, switch Boeser and Hoglander around.  My biggest concern in going with Pearson-Dickinson-Boeser right from the get go is that Boeser would continue to be useless down there.  At least Hoglander would be able to help drive play on that Dickinson line.  

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