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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens | Nov. 29, 2021

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-Vintage Canuck-

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5 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

Demko was awesome but Motte deserves a lot of credit for this win 

We need at least one more guy like him to help us secure the win.


It used to be Sutter, Beagle, Motte, Eagle, and Tanman locking things down.


Now it's, Motte... just Motte.


Anyways, happy that we won.

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1 minute ago, NHTyrany said:

I hope this does not mean that we keep Green and co.

Fire JB first. Let the new guy deal with coaching.


That guy built this flawed roster with no toughness, no LD to kill penalties, and no defensive forwards.




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Just now, Alflives said:

Montreal sucks.

Habs fans suck.

Caufild should be in the minors, because he sucks! 


LOSERS,!!!!!  Habs fans are HUGEST LOSERS EVER,!

did I say Vaufied Sucks?  Yes, he’s super cute, but he’s a sock sucker.  LOSER!  

Not your usual “face puncher” self Alf ?! :ph34r:

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