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[Signing] Devils re-sign Jack Hughes

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2 minutes ago, EternalCanuckFan said:

Jack Hughes may live up to that contract but yikes.  Paying for potential has risen to a whole 'nother level.

Yeah a bridge would have been the prudent move... Given they play in the Prudential Center. :lol:  he is there all American star though. I see why they did it.


With salary caps likely on the rise in a few years that contract could turn out to be great value of he can play to the value of that contract during the cap freeze.


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I’m a believer in his talent, but that still does seem risky going 8x8 when Hughes hasn’t really proven (yet) to be a truly elite talent at the NHL level.


I think he’ll get there, and the deal will be okay longterm, but I’d probably have punted short term and reevaluated later down the road, as far as going max term.

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LOL... he's done jack shet in the NHL compared to Quinn but he's getting paid more... maybe he's got the face to sell products in New Jersey??


I'm not sure how the current salary cap can be sustaninable when teams just throw $$$ around like that.... while decent veterans who can put up 25-40 pts have to settle for $850k - $2M....

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