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Canuck MVP and Pleasant Surprise

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Canuck MVP and Pleasant Surprise  

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Thought I may as well ride the positivity wave while it's here.


Who is your current MVP of the Canucks for the season so far?


For me, it's a really tight race between Hughes and Miller, but I've decided to go with Hughes. Not only is he maintaining his offense, but his defense is much more like rookie Quinn Hughes defense and I'm very excited by that. A +4 on a team as bad as ours is impressive.


Who has pleasantly surprised you the most so far?


I'm going with a bit of an odd answer here, but Miller. I honestly didn't think he had it in him to continue being a 1st line forward like he has and thought it was a short peak for him, but he's proven me wrong and has been our best forward this year so far. I expect Garland to get a lot of votes, but I honestly expected what we've seen out of him so far and he hasn't necessarily exceeded by expectations but he has met them.

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Hughes is easily our MVP so far. Great possession metrics, and has improved defensively. I could see him leading all D in points.
The most pleasant surprise has been Garland. I knew he would be good, but he is so hard to knock off the puck, and unpredictable.

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12 minutes ago, Curmudgeon said:

Miller has played 146 games for Vancouver and has 50 goals and 91 assists for 141 points. That's top line production on any team.

For sure, but as a surprise, I could see some who expected this from Miller. I predicted him to fall off significantly this year and I was wrong.

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Demko's been our MVP despite his record. Seriously, if not for him we'd be ever so slightly further down with Ottawa and Arizona. 


We knew Garland was supposed to be good coming in, he's been that. 


Burroughs is probably the biggest surprise despite his being a depth guy. He's no top 4D but he's stepped up admirably and played his minutes. 

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MVP a toss up between Miller and Demko.


Pleasant surprise was Garland. I knew he would be a solid addition, but he has been the straw that stirs the drink on a nightly basis for this team. Especially with guys like Pettersson, Boeser, and Horvat having very underwhelming performances to start the season.

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I’m not sure how you guys judge Hughes’ improvement on the defensive zone, but he’s actually been a lot worse this season then last season. He’s leads the team in both scoring chances against and high danger scoring chances against. Despite not being deployed against the opposition top line and having over 70% of his shifts, start in the offensive zone. 

I mean in comparison Chychrun who has the worst +/- rating in the league and plays tougher minutes. Has 9 less scoring chances against and 11 less high danger scoring chance against than Hughes. Playing in one of the league’s worse teams. Arizona ranks 5th in shots against and 4th in goals against. 

MVP - Demko

Its not even close. I can’t imagine our record without him, stealing 3-4 games.


Biggest surprise - Garland

I thought we would be an energy guy ala Hansen for us. He has a lot more offensive pop than I thought.

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Garland's great but I'm not really seeing him as a surprise.

Everything we heard about the guy going into this season was he was going to impress.

Wouldn't the surprise be if he turned out to be a dud?


I was less optimistic about OEL. That he's an asset and not the liability he was becoming in Arizona was a nice surprise.

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In a season that has not gone to plan, its a tough one. Probably Demko although I went with Garland. Honorary mention to Miller an Hughes...


Surprise - Garland

Garland without a shadow of doubt. Lots of talk about how good he was prior to season start, but did not expect this kind of impact from him. Fearless playmaker who can score... For all the issues there may be about Bennings pro scouting this quality of this trade is definitely not one of them. (Had I known the season was going to look like a flush down the pan, I probably would have waited another year and kept the 1st round pick, but Garland has made his mark in a very positive way... 

Atm he is one of the leaders of this team together with Motte, Miller, QH and Demko.... What a steal he's been...


Unsung hero... Motte

Already at this stage a massive shout out to Motte. The 4th line has been revitalised since his return, and the energy as well as scoring threat has improved immensely with him back on the 4th line, not to forget the PK, where he's a massive addition.

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