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Clearly it has been years since I travelled (thank you corona virus) but this summer I was planning on finally taking my son to Disney World and Universal for his birthday (this was supposed to be in 2020 but.....) 


I am currently looking and monitoring prices on car rentals and airfare. But I am so out of the game I don't know who's who anymore.  I have been using Kayak and Skyscanner along with Expedia (because I have always used them) and I know kayak and skyscanner just show you the sites with the prices.  They don't actually handle the booking.  But has anyone booked a car rental through Auto Europe? It seems like they are a third party booking site where they basically "sublet" their booking?  I am looking a car rental for 2 weeks, and generally was expecting to be paying around $1200 for the rental (we are not staying in a hotel or Disney hotel we have access to a condo near(ish) to Disney)  and Auto Europe price is like $580 CND all in (minus the extras like theft, collision, and any additional liability) 


Has anyone used Auto Europe? Did you like it or hate? or what was your experience. 


Also, has anyone booked their flights through Flight Network? or Flight Hub? Any issues or was it just as easy as Expedia or an airlines website?  



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I've used Expedia in the past as well as airline sites like Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines has many perks for mileage members, credit card members, and are partners with other airlines. If you fly with another airline, you can apply the miles towards your mileage plan. 

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