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[PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 04, 2021

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3 hours ago, 73 Percent said:

I'd out LAK up there with the high draft picks


That franchise wouldn't have accomplished anything without doughty at 2 overall

There we go maybe a mix of both a high draft elite player, great coach that worked well with the team and top players wanting to sit on a beach during the week and sip margaritas. 

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15 hours ago, J-23 said:

Hate it or love it, jersey tossed worked. 


I am sure they were ready to make changes but fan reaction from last game accelerated it. 

I had to groan/laugh when John Garrett and then Hrudey were complaining about the jersey toss.

they are both ex-players

'they seem to think respecting the logo extends to the fans the same way it does to players.

but I disagree

the fans have watched as the owner s and management have disrespected the franchise (and isn't that what the logo/jersey stands for?) for years with their tall tales and incompetent moves

is not leaving a lame duck coach (regardless of his contract status) in charge of the team equally disrespectful to the franchise/logo/jersey?

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6 hours ago, lmm said:

are we now debating whether Linden or Benning was the right guy for the job?

they came in together and shared in the failed vision

maybe Linden saw the light a little sooner, but he was equally culpable for the early mistakes

doesn't matter anymore. It will continue to fill the pages of HF Boards for decades tho if anyone needs to jump back in. 

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