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[GDT] Around the NHL | December (05-11) 2021

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Wow LA is flying against the Oilers....they should have way more than 2...and now the Oilers have just struck back....but this LA team should have no problems with the woeful Nucks unless the hockey gods intervene for some strange reason....New coach won't make a diff

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15 minutes ago, brilac said:

The Habs blew it! :picard:



Painful to watch but ultimately good for the franchise. If the fans are going to suffer through this season at least get a top 3/4 pick.  No sense rallying to get a mid teen pick which will then go to Arizona 

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Awhile back I stated that the Oilers were not a good team and that we would pass them at some point and even tho the gap is much wider now I still feel that way.

They are putrid outside of the pp and as bad as its been for us we have far better numbers across the board 5on5, even tho we struggle to score.

Disclaimer is for this scenario to playout, our pk is going to have to perform like last night going forward but it's pretty impressive that 5on5 defensively the numbers look good considering we're 6 games under 500.

What blows me away is over the last 2 years the Oilers lose 90+% of games in which 97 and 29 combine for less than 3 points. That is nuts.

The flames deserve a ton of praise for buying into the low event style but I read a post on another forum in which the poster said the style they play will burn them out and that makes some sense but still pretty nuts how a guy like Jonny hockey has bought in to such a defensive system.

The Leafs as much as it kills me to say are on one hell of a run, I mean for them it's all about playoffs but it's pretty impressive how the guys Dubas brought in for depth on cheap contracts like Bunting, Kase, Spezza and Soupy in net are performing. One thing that gives me hope with Petey is how good AM has looked after a terrible start due to his wrist, Petey missed a lot more time but it's a positive to see that there's a good chance the injury is probably a big reason for his struggles this season.

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1 hour ago, mll said:

Khaira was stretchered off after a hit by Trouba that knocked him out cold after his head hit the ice.  


I thought it looked like a clean hit and I bet if he bounced back up people would be saying how awesome that hit was.

Jones with a suicide pass and Khaira not having his head up are what made that hit dangerous IMO. 

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