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[Report] Canucks fire Jim Benning, name Stan Smyl as interim GM

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-Vintage Canuck-

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5 minutes ago, 4petesake said:

This guy (I believe he’s from Sportsnet) thinks it might be George McPhee. I have my doubts though, not sure why he’d want to leave a cushy job in Vegas.





That'd be interesting, Vegas has been pretty ruthless and we could have used some of that a while ago 

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Just now, JohnTavares said:

There are still JB supporters in this thread?? Oh my…


Thank god none of y’all in charge.  


I'm one of them. I wish him nothing but the best, however, the game is a result based commodity, and he didn't have the horses to get to the next level. BB is 66 years old, he won't be around beyond next year, and usually by then his best before date has expired. I like the Scott Walker add, and I'd even go with Ryan Johnson as a GM too.

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4 minutes ago, Alienhuggyflow said:

I am currently banned on hf for calling put those idiots, happened a lot over the years lol.

I actually think Benning could have survived if he had sacrificed TG earlier in the season IMO

not that I supported that move. Maybe he decided to back his guy? Guess we will find our soon enough if he did and if it was the wrong move.


Feel bad for the next GM since this market is the soul of all toxicity, imagine players not wanting to come to a city that if you're rich or athletic or just love beautiful scenery or women of all races, because of the negative media and insufferable fans. How frigging embarrassing for the many normal fans.

Careful, it's a long way down from that pedestal. 

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2 minutes ago, N7Nucks said:

It brings me no joy to see these men outta jobs before Christmas. But ya had numerous chances to do something over 8 years. It's time to move on. The drafting was good, if not great. Hopefully the next crew can build around it. Best of luck to all parties let go. This better light a fire under the team. This is partially their fault for not performing. Except you Demmer, you done great so far.

He'll be back on his feet in no time imo, it just probably won't be as a GM. But as an assistant or working in a scouting capacity? Yeah, he could do that.


Honestly, taking a break through the holidays might be just be what Green, Benning, and co need. Hockey's a tightly knit business, they'll land somewhere at some level. Not that being fired won't sting. 

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