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Jim Benning: A Retrospective

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ken kaniff

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Appreciate the breakdown OP. Looking back Jim did a lot of good things IMHO, the problem is when he missed, he missed bad.


Lost a couple of key guys for nothing, signed a few bad contracts and backed a coach for too long. Benning deserved to go, but I don't think he did terrible. Especially now that we're seeing the team play at a higher level the second a new coach comes in.

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On 12/6/2021 at 1:32 PM, ken kaniff said:



-Traded a 3rd for Dickinson

-Traded Gaudette for Highmore (This was a downgrade at the time. Gaudette came off a good season. Highmore is an AHL player)


-Traded a 3rd for Nate Schmidt then traded him for a 3rd

-Traded Dahlen for Linus Karlsson


-Signed Tyler Myers


-Signed Tucker Poolman

-Signed Hamonic


-Overpayed Tanner Pearson


Good breakdown.  JB had his misses for sure, but no way he was a disaster.  I just wished he had a wingman to prevent some of the gaffes.  But overall, he's constructed a team that, with some tweaks and better coaching, is decent.  Not a top job for an 8-year history, but definitely not a disaster.  You have a long list of "bad" stuff, some of which I agree with, but here's where I disagree:


Dickinson for a 3rd - I think it's too early to judge this one.  Dickinson looks better under BB already.  A 3rd is no guarantee in this league.....so "debatable" but not "bad"


Gaudette for Highmore - Gaudette has been waived since, so tough to suggest that this was "bad", so "debatable" is probably reasonable, though you could say "good" if he was a trashy player in the room that affected team morale (rumours were there but I can't say that this actually was the case)


Nate Schmidt - we gave up nothing so how is this "bad"?  Just unfortunate that he didn't play well for us.  If he was also not a fit in the room, then moving him for a net loss of nothing despite his stock dropping after a year in Vancouver is perhaps considered "good" at that point in time.


Dahlen for Karlsson - probably a bit too early to tell here.  Would suggest "debatable"


Tyler Myers - "debatable" is best suitable.  If Myers was a $4.5M/yr player, I'd be very happy.  I can't get behind "bad" here.


Poolman - still early here too.  Not a big cap hit.  Perhaps better options out there but tough to say "bad" again.


Hamonic - tough course of events so far this year, but unexpected.  He's not my favourite D but he does add some stability.  Certainly not "bad"


Pearson - overpaid?  $3.25M/yr is overpaid?  He's certainly not taking this team down with his play nor his salary.  I would say not "good" but not "bad" at all.

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