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CSIS Warns Trudeau of Sophisticated Misinformation Tactics


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4 hours ago, nuckin_futz said:

That's an excellent source. It's an account that scrapes news right off a Bloomberg Terminal.


It means we are joining other countries like USA, Australia etc in not sending diplomats to attend the games. Only sending athletes.


4 hours ago, Warhippy said:

It means that the olympics are a prime time for nations to send delegates to soften the landscape for trade deals, diplomatic issues etc.  Not sending delegates is a slap int he face and loss of status to China and will actually piss them off.  The ONLY thing that would hurt them more is if corporations also pulled out.


Athletes, meh.


But politicians and money not showing up would be an absolute slap

Appreciate the info, thanks! Definitely the right move at bare minimum.

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2 hours ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

If the Canadian government were serious about combatting the tampering and covert agents that the ccp has directed here, the first thing they should do is ban wechat, tiktok, and other ccp-linked infiltration apps.


Then they should ban all cellphones, computers, and telecommunications hardware that originate from companies started or linked to the ccp.


Sadly, they're too fearful of the blowback by the Canadian public.  After all, gotta look out for #1, even at the cost of protecting national security.  :sadno:

I don't know about the so-called blowback. I don't use tiktok or wechat for the reasons that you've touched on.


As for people who say "don't blame China". Come on. They are run by a corrupt government. It's time that we took a stand together against China.


Specifically, I have no issue with its people whatsoever. I think they are fine people. It's the government that influences how they behave. They have 'social' policies that dictate how they should behave. It's gross.


People in first world countries love slamming their own government for their failings, but in China, there is no such thing. Remember that tennis player who accused a CCP member of sexual misconduct? Yeah, she disappeared for a few weeks. The Chinese government knows no shame - because it doesn't like being shamed.

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35 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

I don't know about the so-called blowback. I don't use tiktok or wechat for the reasons that you've touched on.

That's because you're probably enlightened and wise to their ways.  However, think of it - a lot of the trendy onliners use the "latest and greatest" apps-du-jour, and prefer convenience over security (I've heard wechat has an embedded payment mechanism, much like google's or apple's payment systems). 


Much of the electrojunk (and especially the disposible dollar-store stuff) come from that country, either as manufactured products, or as parts within other products.  Banning those goods from reaching our shores would likely create significant price increases, the likes of which have toppled other (normally more autocratic) governments before by violent insurgencies. 


In our constitutional monarch semi-democracy, it would at least topple the government by turfing them at the ballot box.  Bye bye fat pension.



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