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How you know you are less knowledgable then your fans

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Odjick the Warrior

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2 hours ago, Patel Bure said:

Benning was never at fault other than this inability to move on from Green.


People can say all they want about how Benning spent to the cap during a supposed rebuild, but those players that he paid for were renowned locker room leaders that were brought in here to safeguard the development of our young players.  All roster spots and roles that young players were assigned were earned through merit.  Benning's plan worked and the Canucks made the playoffs in 2020 much to the chagrin of Thomas Drance, JD Burke, HFCanucks.com, and a few other disgruntled idiots that shall rename unnamed. 


Unfortunately for Benning, he became too loyal to Travis Green. Green is a coach that is fine for a developing team but a team on the rise needs an elite coach.  Benning simply didn't have the heart to replace Green after the 2020 bubble.  


As a result, the Canucks struggled even despite Benning's good moves post 2020 bubble.   


Travis Green turned Nate Schmidt into Caityln Jenner and the Canucks struggled throughout the 2020-2021 season.  


As promised, all of our bad "transitional" contracts were off the books before this season started.   Unfortunately, because of Green, our top young players became our bad contracts.  


If Green had been replaced post 2020 bubble, we would have played some good hockey in 2021.  


No point in crying over spilled urine, but Bruce Boudreau is now here and I couldn't be any happier.

Good moves post 2020 bubble? That first summer was his worst as a GM.


- let’s Toffoli, Tanev, Markstrom, and Stecher walk and failed to replace them adequately.


- can’t get rid of any bad contracts and re-upped Virtanen, signed Holtby, traded for Schmidt only to let him be misused by Green.


- doubled down on a sub par coach.

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3 hours ago, Odjick 4 Premier said:

because the owner took away control to make decisions as reported by multiple insiders for weeks so instead of making a change after no evidence things will he acts like a guy at the river rock trying to go double or nothing at the table being desperate, There is a reason why there is a rep about them in the NHL being difficult to deal with. 

The owner took away control because Benning was dumb enough to extend Green recently then all of a sudden fire him just like his trade that got schmidt for a year and then he traded him. The owner just saw he was wasting money with the way he quickly signs then quickly trades away. So he wanted someone else in charge. If he had Benning in charge he would probably hire or bring up Trent Cullen from AHL.

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