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[Report] Canucks name Jim Rutherford as president & interim GM

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4 minutes ago, Patel Bure said:

I’m fine with Jim Rutherford being President but am not entirely keen on him being a GM.  I’ll have to look up his history a bit more but my initial gut feeling is that he made a number of questionable moves as a GM in Pittsburgh.

he has won back-to-back cups with the Pens not so long ago, but yes, pls look into his history and report back to us

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The excitement of Bruce coaching this team hasn’t worn off for me. Good to have new leadership. Just hoping we give these young players a shot. Players weren’t the problem and that evident. We will need to make moves to get even better but nows not the time. I hope the New GM is the guy that makes the first move 

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2 minutes ago, Outsiders said:

Who was big on the Pens lol


They had a smaller team that was fast and hard on the puck. They beat teams with their speed not their toughness


(Although I think we need to add toughness)

Oleksiak, hornqvist, Reaves, Sheanan, Dumolin, etc but I agree, those teams he built had a mix of everything.

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I don’t mind Jim Rutherford being President but am going to be upset if he’s our next long term GM as well.  

ps - edit - looks like he will only be President and *interim* GM.  I have no problem with that at all.  I’m still holding out hope for Colorado’s Chris MacFarland.


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9 minutes ago, DeltaSwede said:

I think if anything, this is a tell tale sign that the organization feels that they have the right core in place. Rutherford isn't really known for re-builds but rather building stanley cup champions so I think a re-build is highly unlikely. 

He also isn’t really known for trading core players.

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2 minutes ago, Patel Bure said:

Many are saying that the Pens won in spite of him and that he made a lot of questionable moves after that?

People are always going to say that. He had good base to work with, but he added the depth necessary to take them to the cup, same as he did in Carolina.

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8 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Really? People are upset by this move? That is ridiculous. Rutherford is a well known and well respected name in hockey. His name alone improves the caliber of GM this team can attract. Lombardi may consider it. I know I would seeing how this team is playing under Boudreau. 

Agreed. Excited to see who they find to work under him.


8 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:


A couple of trades, one for a true top right defenseman, will be of short order, I'm assuming. 


Who you think it's going to be Phil? My money is on one of Miller or Boeser....long shot, Horvat.


Though I think that comes later, deadline or summer. Something like Miller, Rathbone and Poolman packaged for a #2 RD and a 3C would be a-ok in my books. Downgrade the F, upgrade the D. Was hoping NYI's would be better this year and they'd be all in enough to maybe shake lose Dobson and Czikas in that scenario. But alas...


Right now, I'd just be happy if they find us a defensive 3LD with some size and snarl. Someone like McNabb. He is expiring...but VGK probably makes playoffs at this rate and they keep him for a run. (Perhaps take a run at him this summer?) 

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