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[Waivers] Michael Del Zotto

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Okay, before anyone says, HEY, LET'S CLAIM HIM, #1, his cap hit is 2 million.


#2. Fricken OTTAWA, doesn't think his defensive coverage is worth his cost, and they have over 10 million in Cap space. Waiving him isn't a cap issue, he's just not able to play there either!

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Just now, coryberg said:

6 points and a -9 in 10 games


That would put him at 49 points and -72 over a full season :o

Wow... very good math!! beat me to it.... 


So it comes down to.... do we want his 49 point production and forget about the -72?? or status quo, playing Burroughs with 3-5 pts all season at -15? 

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I believe there's a Brad Shaw connection for MDZ last season in CBJ.  MDZ actually played pretty well last year.  Ottawa is a bit of tire fire altogether, so it's hard to judge him just on his numbers this year.  Not saying the Canucks should pick up MDZ, but if OEL and Hamonic are out long term, then I could see it happening (also if Rathbone is still injured).  They are short LHD, especially since no one seems to have trusted Brisebois enough to give him much of a chance in the NHL, and I doubt any of the other Abbotsford LHD (outside of Rathbone) are really seen as being of NHL quality.


Still, that $2M contract this and next year isn't great.

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