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OMG Tornado?


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2 hours ago, StanleyCupOneDay said:

The point you are conveniently missing is the fact that all workers could have been sent home after the first alarm and the factory be shut down for 1 measly night. Instead the managers who likely had the owners approval decided losing 1 night of production wasn’t worth protecting their employees from potential danger. Not only that, but you also completely ignored the part about where workers were in hallways and bathrooms and then were ordered back to the factory floor.

The "first alarm" is a tornado watch, which happen countless times in tornado alley. If you want every business to shutdown during torando watch, you're going to have packed roads full of sitting ducks if a tornado happens during the watch.


Keep being outraged though. It'll help.


Or you can calm down and read an actual article that isn't bull$&!#.



Kentucky’s governor said on Sunday the ferocity of the storm was so great that there was nowhere safe to hide inside the plant. The 110 workers on the night shift had about 20 minutes warning that a powerful tornado was bearing down.


It appears most were sheltering in the place they were told to shelter,” the governor, Andy Beshear, said. “I hope that area was as safe as it could be, but this thing got hit directly by the strongest tornado we could have possibly imagined.”


A company spokesperson said Sunday that eight of the 110 workers on the overnight shift Friday are confirmed dead and another eight are missing. For most of Sunday, the authorities had feared that more than 70 of those shift workers were missing and Beshear started saying the death toll was expected to exceed 100 just in Kentucky.


But as of Monday morning, more than 90 workers have now reportedly been accounted for, indicating that the final death toll in the state will be lower than most had feared hours earlier.



Even this article has a pointless "why were they working" question with absolutely no professional backing this line of questioning. Trying to make it seem like the workers were told to keep making candles while the torando was coming, which is patently false. Nothing in any article states that these people were told to leave shelter and work during the torando warning. There would be many, many more dead if that were true.


Use of vague language (first and second "alarm" instead of saying tornado watch and tornado warning) and pushing their own ideas with no support. Great "journalism."



The workers told NBC News that they took shelter in bathrooms and hallways when they first heard tornado warning sirens, then supervisors ordered them back to work when they mistakenly assumed the danger had passed.

This line is supported by absolutely nothing in the article it's in. Sirens only happen during tornado warnings, which started 20 minutes before the factory was hit, not 3-4 hours which was the torando watch for multiple states.

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